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                      Company Profile

                      Zhongshan kai more electric appliance co., LTD is located in China hardware appliances towns - xiaolan town, zhongshan city, guangdong province, specializing in design, development, production kitchen appliances, products are exported to all over the world.

                      Our company has two modern production line, daily output of up to 6000 pieces, the life of the modern testing room and professional laboratory can carry out various tests for all products. We have a good team management factory, provide a good and stable quality, on time delivery and ..

                      Sales network:

                      Cooperative countries and regions:
                      United States, Australia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, France, South Korea, South Africa, Indonesia, Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Slovakia, Argentina.



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                      • Zhongshan Kaiduo Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
                      • Tel:0760-22253516
                      • Fax:
                      • Add:Address: No.26, Lianxing Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China
                      • E-mail:info@kai-duo.com